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Corynosoma spp. (Lühe, 1904)

    • Species Name: Corynosoma spp. (Lühe, 1904)
    • Synonyms: None
    • Taxonomy: (Lühe, 1904) Animalia, Acanthocephala, Palaeacanthocephala, Polymorphida, Polymorphidae, Corynosoma spp.
    • Life Cycle: “The complete life cycle for C. strumosum and C. pseudohamanni has been inferred from field collections. Nearshore amphipods acquire the cystacanth larvae, which, following ingestion, encyst in the body cavity of several fish species, awaiting seals to prey on these fish” (Raga).
    • Description: "Spines present around or near gonopore, at least in males. Four to six cement glands present, pyriform to claviform” (Hoffman and Williams Jr., 1999).
    • Sources: Hoffman, G.L. and Williams Jr., E.H. 1999. Parasites of North American Freshwater Fishes, Second Edition, p. 300.
      Raga, J.A. Parasites (Marine Mammals).
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