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Rhabdias tarichae (Kuzaim, 2003)

    • Species Name: Rhabdias tarichae (Kuzaim, 2003)
    • Synonyms: Ophiorhabdias (Yamaguti, 1943); Shorttia (Singh & Ratnamala, 1977)
    • Taxonomy: (Kuzaim, 2003) Animalia, Nematoda, Secernentea, Rhabditida, Rhabditidae, Rhabdias tarichae
    • Life Cycle: The life cycles of this genus can vary and some intermediate hosts are used. The species infective to anurans penetrate the skin and then migrate to the lungs. Once inside the parasites molt and migrate into the lungs, where they mature into gravid adults. Rhabdias species that infect anurans were poorly suited for using a transport host (Langford and Janovy, 2009).
    • Description:
      1. Buccal cavity reduced with thin wall devoid of onchia. Outer layers of cuticle usually inflated. Cephalic extremity without lips of with six lips or pairs of pseudolabia. Onchia absent from wall of buccal cavity. Parasites of lungs and body cavity of amphibians and reptiles.
    • Sources: Anderson, R.C., Chabaud, A.G., and Willmott, S. 2009. Keys to the Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates: Archival Volume, p. 39.
      Langford, G.J. and Janovy Jr., J. 2009. Comparative Life Cycles and Life Histories of North American Rhabdias spp. (Nematoda: Rhabdiasidae): Lungworms from snakes and anurans. Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 95, Issue 5, p. 1145–1155.
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