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Oswaldocruzia spp. (Travassos, 1917)

    • Species Name: Oswaldocruzia spp. (Travassos, 1917)
    • Synonyms: None
    • Taxonomy: (Travassos, 1917) Animalia, Nematoda, Strongylida, Molineidae, Oswaldocruzia spp.
    • Life Cycle: "There are over 80 species, and many of the lifecycles are not worked out, but the lifecycle of O. filiformis and O. Pipiens lifecycles are direct. The host is infested when infective L3 larvae are consumed. Further development occurs in the host and adults expel eggs through the feces" (Anderson, 2000).
    • Description:
      1. Bucal ring absent. Extradorsal rays absent. Synlophe, if present, with ridges not oriented form ventral to dorsal side.Gubernaculum absent.
    • Sources: Anderson, R.C., Chabaud, A.G., and Willmott, S. 2009. Keys to the Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates. Archival Volume, p. 113-141.
      Anderson, R.C. 2000. Nematode parasites of vertebrates: their development and transmission. 2nd edition, p. 115-116.
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Baker, M. R. (1977). Redescription of Oswaldocruzia pipiens Walton, 1929 (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae) from amphibians of eastern North America. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 55(1), 104-109.

Baker, M. R. (1978). Development and transmission of Oswaldocruzia pipiens Walton, 1929 (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae) in amphibians. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 56(5), 1026-1031.

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