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Bucephalus sp. (von Baer, 1827)

    • Species Name: Bucephalus sp. (von Baer, 1827)
    • Synonyms: None
    • Taxonomy: (von Baer, 1827) Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Trematoda, Plagiorchiida, Bucephalidae, Bucephalus sp.
    • Description: "Rhynchus a simple sucker, usually with seven tentacles around anterodorsal rim of sucker. Mouth near mid-body. Caecum sac-like, variably directed from pharynx. Testes oblique. Seminal vesicle spherical to ovoid. Pars prostatica straight. Ovary pretesticular. Vitelline follicles in anterior lateral rows. Excretory vesicle long, reaching anteriorly to near rhynchus. In marine fishes; cosmopolitan. Type species A. carangis MacCallum, 1917" (Bray et al., 2002).
    • Life Cycle: Species of the genera Bucephalus often use freshwater mussels as the first intermediate host, fish second host, and bass fishes as a definitive host (Olsen, 1974; Marchiorir et. al., 2010; Pina et al., 2009).
    • Sources: Bray, R.A., Gibson D.I., and Jones, A. 2002. Keys to the Trematoda, Vol. 1, p. 99.
    • Olsen O. W. 1974. Animal parasites, their life cycles and ecology. 3rd Revd Edn., p. 261.

      Marchiori, N., Magalhães, A.R.M., and Pereira Jr., J. 2010. The life cycle of Bucephalus margaritae Ozaki & Ishibashi, 1934 (Digenea, Bucephalidae) from the coast of Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Acta Scientiarum 32, pp.71-78.

      Pina, S., Barandela, T., Santos, M.J., Russell-Pinto, F., and Rodrigues, P. 2009. Identification and description of Bucephalus minimus (Digenea: Bucephalidae) life cycle in Portugal: morphological, histopathological, and molecular data. Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 95, p. 353-359.

    • APO Parasite Records: (by Life Cycle)
      1. Host SpeciesHost Common NameSite(s) of Infection
        Gyraulus spp.NoneGonad tissue

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