Aquatic Parasite Observatory

Neascus spp. (Hughes, 1927)

    • Species Name: Neascus spp. (Hughes, 1927)
    • Synonyms: None
    • Taxonomy: (Hughes, 1927) Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Trematoda, Strigeidida, Diplostomatidae, Neascus spp.
    • Life Cycle: Coming soon.
    • Description:
      1. Strigeid metacercariae with both fore- and hind-bodies well developed and distinctly set apart by a constriction; no lateral sucking-cups; fore-body leaf-like; hold-fast organ well developed; reserve bladder highly developed, the smaller branches of which are usually anastomoses; calcareous granules mostly free in the circum-ambient fluid; encysted.
    • Sources: Hughes, R.C. 1927. Studies of the Trematode Family Strigeidae (Holostomidae) No. VI. A New Metacercaria Neascus Ambloplitis, sp. nov. Representing a New Larval Group. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society, Vol. 46, No. 4, p. 248-267.
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  • University of Colorado Boulder