Aquatic Parasite Observatory

Spironucleus sp. (Javier, 1936)

    • Species Name: Spironucleus sp. (Javier, 1936)
    • Synonyms: None
    • Taxonomy: (Javier, 1936) Protista, Sarcomastigophora, Mastigophora, Diplomonadida, Hexamitidae, Spironucleus sp.
    • Description: Adapted from description of Hexamita: "Pyriform and elongate; two symmetrically arranged oblong nuclei curved in spirally in anterior end; six anterior and two posterior flagella. In the rectum of amphibians and intestine of fishes” (Hoffman, 1999).
    • Life Cycle: “The life cycle of Spironucleus sp. is thought to be direct, via the faecal-oral route, with transmission between hosts being facilitated by an infective encysted stage” (Williams, 2013).
    • Sources: Hoffman, G.L. 1999. Parasites of North American Freshwater Fishes. Second Edition, p. 32.
    • Williams, C.F. 2013. Life cycle, biochemistry and chemotherapy of Spironucleus vortens. PHD thesis. School of Biosciences Cardiff University.
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