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Fibricola sp. (Dubois, 1932)

    • Species Name: Fibricola sp. (Dubois, 1932)
    • Synonyms: Theriodiplostomum (Dubois, 1944); Neoparadiplostomum (Bisseru, 1957)
    • Taxonomy: Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Trematoda, Strigeidida, Diplostomatidae, Fibricola sp.
    • Description: "Body distinctly bipartite; forebody spatulate; hindbody shorter than forebody, occasionally longer. Pseudosuckers absent. Oral sucker, ventral sucker and pharynx of similar size. Holdfast organ round or oval, one-sixth to one-third of forebody in length. Testes tandem; anterior ovoid or cuneiform, asymmetrical in shape; posterior larger, almost symmetrical, occasionally trilobed. Ovary ovoid or cuneiform, submedian or sublateral, at junction of fore- and hindbody, prestesticular. Ootype opposite anterior testis. Vitellarium in forebody, may extend anteriorly to ventral sucker, occasionally penetrates hindbody reaching copulatory burse. Genital cone absent; copulatory bursa with dorso=subterminal pore. In various mammals. Australia, North American, Asia. Metacercariae of 'diplostomulum' type, in amphibians. Cercariae with two pairs of pre-actabular penetration glands; flame-cell formula 2[(1+1+1)+(1+1+[1])]=12. Type-species F. cratera (Barker & Noll, 1915) Dubois, 1932" (Bray et al., 2002).
    • Life Cycle: Several species of fibricola use freshwater snails as first intermediate host (e. g. Hippeutis cantori, Physa sp.). The second intermediate host are tadpoles and the definitive host is mammals, often raccoons (Chandler, 1942; Hoffman, 1955; Seo et al., 1988).
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