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Apharyngostrigea pipientis (Faust, 1918)

    • Species Name: Apharyngostrigea pipientis (Faust, 1918)
    • Synonyms: None
    • Taxonomy: Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Trematoda, Strigeidida, Strigeidae, Apharyngostrigea pipientis
    • Life Cycle: Coming soon.
    • Description:
      1. Metacercaria stage as described by Faust, 1918: Outline lyrate, with dense covering of spines; length 0.50 mm; width 0.37 mm; oral sucker 75 μ in diameter; primitive genital pore 80 μ in diameter, with a heavy crown of spines; acetabulum modified into a single transverse lappet; lateral sectorial organs elongate, obliquely placed, with large marginal spines. Pharynx small; ceca extending to center of primitive genital pore. Excretory bladder inconspicuous; lateral vessels, with transverse vessel far sephalad. Genital organs well defined, consisting of spherical ovary somewhat behind primitive genital pore, vitellaria in two diffuse chorda, two laterally disposed testes and ovoid genital cone.
        Adult: "Body bipartite; forebody oval, pyriform or calyciform, lacking lateral expansions; hindbody cylindrical to claviform, curved dorsally, with constriction near region of copulatory bursa. Oral and ventral suckers feebly developed. Pharynx absent. Testes multilobed. Ovary reniform, near middle of hindbody. In forebody, vitellarium extends into dorsal and lateral body wall and into holdfast organ (mainly dorsal lobe); in hindbody, it reaches copulatory bursa. Genital cone more or less distinctly delimited from body parenchyma. Muscular ring surrounding genital cone feebly developed or indistinct. Hermaphroditic duct opens at apex of genital cone feebly developed or indistinct. In ardeids. Cosmopolitan. Metacercariae or 'tetracotyle' type in fishes. Cercariae with flame-cell formula 2[(2+2)+(2+2+2)]=20, two excretory commissures, one anterior and one posterior to ventral sucker, two groups of seven or four penetration glands anterior and lateral to ventral sucker.
    • Sources: Bray, R.A., Gibson D.I., and Jones, A. 2002. Keys to the Trematoda, Vol. 1, p. 233-234.
      Namchote, S., Sritongtae, S., Siriphon, B., Wongwain, P., and Krailas, D. 2015. Larval stage of trematodes obtained from brackish water snails in the central and east coast of the gulf of Thailand. Scientific research and essays, Vol. 10, No. 11, p. 386-401.
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